Congress Topics

  • Biological development and behaviour: Brain development, Early development, Ageing, Brain plasticity
  • Nervous system disorders and behavioural disorders: Neurodevelopmental disorders, Mental disorders, Neurodegenerative diseases, Animal models, Acquired brain damage, Addiction, Psychopharmacology, Psychotropic drugs
  • Sensory and motor systems: Disease and disorders of sensory and motor systems, Development of sensory and motor systems, Animal models.
  • Endocrine system, immune system and psychoneuroimmunology: Stress, endocrine and immune disorders, Animal models.
  • Sleep and biological rhythms: Sleep disorders, Circadian rhythms of behaviours.
  • Psychobiology of cognition and emotion: Neuropsychology, Learning and memory, Perception, Language, Social behaviour, Reasoning and executive functions, Attention, Motivation.
  • Behavioural genetics. Epigenetic factors in behaviour.
  • Ethology, Neuroethology, Evolution and behaviour.
  • Methods and Techniques in Psychobiology: Analysis of behaviour, Statistical analysis of behaviour, Structure and function of biological tissues and organs, Neuroimaging techniques, Psychophysiological methods and techniques.